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Established Attorneys Representing Fathers In Custody Disputes

For fathers going through a divorce, the road to child custody arrangements can be fraught with challenges. At Leigh K. Galyon, APC, in San Diego, we advocate for your right to a meaningful relationship with your child, ensuring their upbringing is supported by both parents’ active involvement. It is crucial for children to benefit from the presence of both parents in their lives.

Despite a history of maternal preference in custody rulings in California, current laws advocate for equal treatment of both parents in these decisions. However, biases can persist, and you need a committed attorney to help protect your rights as a father. We strive to ensure that the voices of fathers and their children are heard, aiming for custody solutions that reflect the best interests of all involved. Our goal is to navigate you to the best possible outcome for your custody case.

You Have The Right To Parent Your Child

There is a lot more to child custody and parental rights than simply deciding which parent the child lives with. At Leigh K. Galyon, APC, our fathers’ rights lawyers can assist you with a full spectrum of child custody and visitation concerns.

We can represent you in a variety of concerns, including:

  • Establishing primary and shared custody arrangements
  • Securing visitation rights
  • Advocating for grandparent visitation
  • Pursuing modifications to custody and visitation orders
  • Enforcing existing orders
  • Handling juvenile delinquency and dependency cases
  • Guiding decisions around the child’s religious, educational and overall upbringing

Working with an experienced litigator can be pivotal in resolving these critical issues in your favor.

The Skilled Advocacy You Need In The Courtroom

In certain situations, taking legal action becomes essential to defend your rights. If the other parent is unyielding or shows animosity, it can derail attempts at negotiation. There are instances where a parent’s behavior might threaten the child’s safety.

Under these circumstances, going to court is often the necessary step to affirm a father’s rights. Our strategic and deliberate approach to litigation offers you the assurance that your children’s welfare and your parental rights are vigorously defended.

We Will Help You Protect Your Rights

When the well-being of your family hangs in the balance, it’s crucial to act promptly and seek the guidance of a seasoned lawyer who understands fathers’ rights. Reach out to Leigh K. Galyon, APC, at 619-573-6125 or connect with us online to arrange a meeting with a knowledgeable family law attorney in San Diego, California.