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Experienced Counsel For Complex Family Law Concerns

At Leigh K. Galyon, APC, we understand that navigating family law concerns requires not just legal acumen, but a genuine sensitivity to your personal circumstances. We cater to individuals and families in San Diego, offering sophisticated guidance through complex legal landscapes. With over 25 years of experience, our lawyers are well-versed in managing substantial financial assets and estates with precision and care.

We have fostered a reputation for professionalism and high-end service. When settlement talks are unproductive, other mediation law firms often refer their cases to our hands so we can adeptly navigate divorce litigation for their clients. We pride ourselves on our financial literacy, ensuring fair and equitable division of even the most intricate assets in complex divorce proceedings.

Our experienced attorneys include:

Attorney Leigh K. Galyon, CFLS, AAML, with her exclusive focus on family law, has been a guiding force for our clients since earning her law degree. A graduate of the University of California San Diego and the California Western School of Law, Leigh offers sage advice and robust litigation services, including child custody and visitation, tailored to those with significant wealth and complex estates. Attorney Gaylon is a Fellow at the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and is a board-certified family law specialist. She has also served as a court-appointed minor’s counsel.

Attorney Lauren B. Liberman, CFLS, with her unique blend of psychological insight and extensive legal experience, approaches family law with a nuanced understanding of its personal and emotional dimensions. Her years in the field equip her with a balanced perspective, fusing legal savvy with heartfelt empathy.

Providing Comprehensive Family Law Services

At Leigh K. Galyon, APC, we provide a broad spectrum of family law services. Our attorneys are prepared to stand beside you, whether it’s crafting a prenuptial agreement or advocating for you in the courtroom during a divorce proceeding.

Our practice areas include:

We commit our practice to helping you achieve a resolution that honors your interests and upholds your rights. Whether through mediation or litigation, our knowledgeable counsel, steadfast advocacy and attentive service are designed to ease your journey through challenging family law cases.

Take The Next Step In Your Legal Journey

If you face family law challenges, reach out to Leigh K. Galyon, APC today. Our attorneys are ready to provide the responsive and trustworthy representation you need. Contact us today at 619-573-6125 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation at our San Diego, California office.