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When divorces and other family law matters are highly contentious, it’s important to retain an experienced lawyer who is familiar with complex and hotly contested disputes. For more than 25 years, we have skillfully handled cases involving sophisticated, complex financial assets and heated custody battles.

Our professional background and commitment to staying on top of current legal developments give our firm’s clients an advantage in proceedings involving marital dissolution and parenting arrangements. In fact, we have dedicated experience in high-asset divorces involving high-asset estates and those involving high-conflict custody disputes.

We have achieved outstanding results for Southern Californians by devising comprehensive strategies tailored to their unique needs, and we are prepared to assist you no matter how difficult your case is. We are deeply passionate about our role as your lawyer, and you can trust us to handle your case with care and resilience.

Our Practice Areas

Complex Financial Estates
High-Conflict Custody Disputes
Child Support
Division Of Assets
Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
Parental Rights

An Analytical And Insightful Advocate Helping You Toward An Effective Resolution

Whether you’re ending a marriage, looking to protect your children or seeking to establish financial arrangements before marriage, you can expect our firm to provide:

  • Knowledgeable advice: We have the experience and insight to properly explain the potential risks and benefits of various legal options for you as a parent and spouse. In every case, our firm will offer you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.
  • Trustworthy advocacy: Our goal is to build lasting relationships with the people we serve, so we always focus on delivering serious, individualized counsel that supports your long-term well-being. We will do our best to limit costs and stress by focusing on settlement, but when litigation is the only reasonable option to protect your interests, we remain ready to assert your rights in court.
  • Responsive service: Whenever you have a question or concern, we are on call with prompt, thorough and personal assistance suited to your legal goals.

Counseling You and Your Family Through Complex Conflicts And Challenges

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How We Will Help You Meet Your Current And Future Needs

At Leigh K. Galyon, APC, we offer clients a uniquely analytical and personal approach to their legal cases. This can prove essential in cases involving significant financial assets and contested disputes. Attorney Leigh K. Galyon is a skilled negotiator who knows how to foster an open environment to settle even the most complex issues. In fact, she is an Academy Fellow of AAML (American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers), a board-certified family law specialist and has been court-appointed as the minor’s counsel.

Throughout the San Diego area, we represent clients in family law matters involving:

Divorce: We can help you file for a petition for dissolution, handle same-sex divorce and settle disagreements over California’s community property laws.
Valuation and division of assets: We have the skill and resources to provide sound advice for assessing the value and division of real estate holdings, business shares, retirement accounts and other property that can be difficult to untangle without a professional.
Child and spousal support: By thoroughly investigating the relevant factors, we know how to press for appropriate terms and modifications when necessary.
Child custody and parental rights: Nothing is more important than providing a safe, healthy environment for your children. Our firm will work diligently in child custody proceedings to achieve a result that serves the best interests of children, mothers and fathers.
Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: We create prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to safeguard assets and establish clear terms in the event the marriage does not work out.
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