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California Child & Spousal Support

Skilled San Diego Attorneys Dedicated to Your Children’s Well-Being

Parents must consider not only how divorce affects them, but also how it affects their children — both emotionally and financially. At Leigh K. Galyon, APC in San Diego, our skilled California family law attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience in all family law matters. We help you obtain a fair and reasonable child support arrangement that allows you to raise your child in a safe and healthy environment. We help parents:

•    Understand child support guidelines
•    Negotiate child support through mediation
•    Litigate child support issues
•    Enforce  child support orders
•    Modify child support orders

Child support guidelines
California law establishes mandatory child support guidelines. Our attorneys can help you understand the basis and structure of these guidelines and how they apply to you. We can help you obtain support payments that best accommodate your financial circumstances and most appropriately provide for your child’s needs.

Child support settlements through mediation
Through the structured process of mediation, couples can put aside their differences and focus on the one objective where they tend to agree — their children’s well-being. Mediation presents a forum for creating fair child support plans that allow both parents to share in the financial obligations of raising their children. Our skilled negotiators can guide the process toward equitable solutions.

Litigation of child support
In some cases, litigation is necessary for your child to receive fair financial support from both parents. Our attorneys methodically prepare for litigation to achieve the most equitable support arrangement for your child.

Enforcement of child support
If your spouse has fallen behind on child support payments, you may need assistance to collect the money that rightfully belongs to your child. At Leigh K. Galyon, APC, we guide you through the process of enforcing your child support order.

Modification of child support
Financial problems may put you in a different financial situation than when you and your spouse divorced. However, you must continue to pay child support until the court modifies your order.

Spousal support
A number of factors are considered when determining an appropriate amount of spousal support including a couple’s length of marriage, their standard of living during the marriage, the relative income of each individual and the needs of each spouse when determining whether or not alimony should be granted, how much should be awarded and for how long it should continue. Retaining an experienced spousal support attorney from Leigh K. Galyon, APC can help you navigate through this complicated process to obtain the best spousal support award possible. Alternatively, we can also work to convince the judge that your ex-spouse does not need spousal support, or needs less than he or she asked for.

In California, there are four types of spousal support agreements:
•    Pendente Lite (Temporary) Spousal Support provides support during the divorce action.
•    Permanent Spousal Support is awarded at the conclusion of the divorce action. It can be for a specified period of time or it can be indefinite. It may or may not be modifiable based upon a change in circumstances.

Working for your peace of mind 

At Leigh K. Galyon, APC, our attorneys are experienced in representing both clients who are seeking  and those who are opposing the payment of spousal support. Our clients come to us with a variety of concerns including how long spousal support can last, whether the amount can be changed and how it should be treated for income tax purposes. We have the experience to answer your questions and help guide you through the process.

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